Fieldwood Winery

The Winery

Our wine cellar where we ferment and age our wines is dug up to 18 feet into the side of the Schuylkill Mountain to maintain optimum temperature year-round.


Wow, it’s been 12 years since my fiancé and I decided we would open a winery! It was a hobby that got out of control. It was a retirement gig. It has been a whole lot of fun and we have made so many new friends. Thank you!

I guess I’ve always thought of retirement as this little window where you have some time to do what you love and hopefully still have your health to enjoy it. So, now we are moving on to our next adventures and leaving Fieldwood Winery behind. We Are Closing.

We would like to say Thank You to all of you who have visited us, enjoyed our wine or just stopped by to chat! It truly has been a great and successful12 years!

Thank you,

Rick and Beth Ann

Fieldwood Winery is your local, small batch winery.  We use grapes and other fruits from around the world and from local vineyards to produce small batches (less than 60 gallons) of hand crafted wine.  All fermentation and storage are done in stainless tanks for a clean, brilliant and polished flavor. We feature a large variety from dry to sweet along with some tasty fruit wines. Come discover the wines you’ll love!

Our Schuylkill Mountain Vineyard

The Wines

All of our wines are specialty wines produced in batches of less than 60 gallons.

Please click on our wine list to see what is available. Tasting is always free!